Lower your carbon emissions and monitor power usage with energy management systems


Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management has a range of products to help organisations spend less money on energy consumption and lower carbon emissions.  Environmental legislation (such as the CRC Scheme) is forcing corporations to reduce their carbon footprint, and coupled with rising energy costs, it makes sense to begin your energy management now. Our simple techniques offer effective ways to monitor and reduce your power usage with minimal impact to your workplace.

The products we offer include:

Voltage optimisation

Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management products include Voltis energy saving units. Voltis is the name of our top-of-the-range voltage optimisation product.  The model is a simple addition to your existing supply and creates typical financial savings and carbon emission reductions of up to 20%.

Managing your power supply with voltage optimisation will mean your equipment works as normal while saving electricity, money and carbon emissions. The Voltis voltage optimisation investment will typically have paid for itself with its financial savings within just two to three years of use.

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Sub-metering systems

Our sub-metering systems are either a non-invasive fixed or portable device used to monitor power usage. Knowledge is the key to saving power and money, and lowering carbon emissions.  Our Sinergy sub-metering products are designed to give you this knowledge.

We have a range of energy analysis/data logging products for measuring power, gas or water, and they can be used with or without other energy management techniques such as voltage optimisation. These are either portable handheld or fixed units, serving a range of purposes.
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