Boiler management from Marshall-Tufflex

Marshall-Tufflex have introduced an intuitive boiler management systems that can typically reduce the annual cost of running your boiler by 20%*.


What is boiler management?

Our boiler management systems are an intelligent way of controlling the cycling of boilers to maximise their efficiency, reducing unnecessary boiler firing during low load conditions, known as dry cycling, whilst still delivering the heat and hot water levels you require. Our systems reduce fuel wastage caused through temperature overshoot, heat saturation of the heat exchanger, flue losses and unnecessary boiler cycling, whilst maintaining internal comfort levels and reducing CO2 emissions. 


Features & benefits

• Reduces energy usage and carbon footprint
• Reduces boiler firing cycle and therefore saves money without compromising on the provision of heating or hot water
• Compact and unobtrusive
• Easy to install by a qualified electrician
• Typical payback within 2-3 years
• Typically reduces the annual cost of a boiler by 20% (subject to boiler usage pattern)

Boiler management

How does it work?

Our boiler management systems use the principle of variable thermal response to achieve energy savings. They have two electronic sensors fitted to the flow and return pipes of the boiler. 

Central heating systems are designed to operate with a variance of approximately 11⁰C between the outgoing and returning water temperature to the boiler when under full demand, i.e. during cold weather. The boiler firing pattern will be modified based on this variance. The smaller the variance the less the boiler will fire as this would be ineffective and wasteful. As the variance increases again the boiler will begin to fire more. At a variance of 11⁰C or more the boiler firing modification is minimal. This means you get better and more accurate control with your central heating at a significantly reduced cost.

How is it installed?

The boiler management systems are easily installed by a qualified electrician in approximately 45 – 90 minutes (subject to access). Once installed, you will enjoy immediate savings with payback typically within 2-3 years. No invasive plumbing or disconnection of the gas supply is involved, therefore the installer does not require ‘Gas Safe’ registration.


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