Domestic voltage optimisation


Voltis Home is design and built especially for domestic building with a single phase supply and a load of up to 60Amps. Our domestic voltage optimisation units lower energy bills, lengthen the life of household appliances and reduce carbon emissions. They are easy to install by a qualified electrician, work alongside renewable energy sources such as solar PV installations and require no maintenance.


· Reduces energy usage and carbon footprint
· Increases the life of household appliances
· Fixed 9% voltage reduction
· 100Amp main switch built-in 
· Built in automatic and manual ‘Bypass’ facility 
· Metal enclosure (BS7671:2008 Amd 3 compliant) 

Voltis Home mk2

How is Voltis Home installed?

Voltis Home is rated to 60Amps(approx 13kW), therefore all domestic circuits can be connected to the one system through the distribution board. They are installed between the electricity meter and the consumer unit. Installation is straightforward, but must be carried out by a qualified electrician. 

How can I arrange installation?

Whilst any qualified electrician can install a Voltis Home unit, Marshall-Tufflex have a network of E-PRO Approved installers throughout the country who are trained in the installation of our Voltis units.

Click here to locate an E-PRO Approved installer in your area.

Voltis Home installed mk2

Incoming voltage check

Voltis Home is suitable for virtually all homes. We do, however, recommend that the incoming voltage is measured prior to installation. Should the incoming voltage be lower than 230Volts, please call our technical hotline on 01424 856688.


Metal Enclosures

The IET announced new regulations in July which are due for publication in January 2015 expected to state that all consumer units and similar assemblies fitted in residential properties will have to be made of non-combustible material or been closed in a non-combustible box.  The change will form part of the electrical installation regulations BS 7671.  This product meets with the requirements of the standard and the next amendment.

Voltis Home Technical Specification
Part No
Temperature range
-10 to 40˚
Up to 90%
375mm (w) x 200mm (h) x90mm (d)
60Amp continuous (100Amps in Mains/Bypass mode)
Suitable for incoming voltage
230-253 Volts
IP rating
Up to 90%
Rating (kVA)
9.72 kVA
Frequency (Hz)

Voltis Home wiring diagram

Typical scheme of equipment layout with Voltis VH602 unit installed

Voltis Home wiring diagram mk2
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